We Built SmartFitness for Trainers like you. Because we are trainers too.

After trying other products on the market, we were left wanting more. There were great products that let us replace the paper card we were giving our clients in the gym, or the spreadsheets we were emailing our clients, but nothing on the market was helping us build a better business. We wanted to find a product that would help us become more efficient, and help our business grow faster. When we couldn’t find anything, we set out to build something better.

We partnered with leading training and accreditation organizations to learn exactly where trainers needed support. Starting from this foundation, we created our Trainer Round Table to bring together trainers from different backgrounds, accreditations, and experience levels to hear first hand what trainers wanted.

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  • "I used to spend 2-3 hours every Sunday creating plans for my clients’ upcoming week. Now it takes me 10-15 minutes."

  • "My clients absolutely love the app. And the best part - no one forgets to bring their card anymore when we have a session!"

  • "I can’t believe that I was managing all of my clients on spreadsheets before. SmartFitness has cut my office time in half and no more excuses from my clients."

  • "I manage all of my clients remotely and I’d been searching for the right program to use. SmartFitness is hands down the fastest, most efficient platform out there!"


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