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Managing clients and tracking progress made simple

Save hundreds of hours administering programs and focus on what makes you money.

Exercise Library

Access more than 350 exercise videos, all shot in high quality HD with multiple camera angles. Want to add an exercise you don't see in the library? No problem. Easily add your own exercises unique to your programs.

Goals and Progress

Creating and tracking goals drives client retention. SmartFitness allows your clients to not only set goals, but track their progress. Check-ins let you see specific data on their road to success.

SmartFitness PAY

Process and track your client payments effortlessly. Create one time or recurring payments from within SmartFitness and avoid having another platform to manage.

SmartFitness FUEL

Give your clients a robust meal planning and nutrition tool, powered by Platelist®, to complement their training plans. Your clients can choose pre-populated meal plans or create their own from library of hundreds of healthy recipes and then have their entire order delivered from 20,000+ grocery stores.

Workout Builder

Do you spend hours creating client programs? Get ready to have that time back. Our workout builder lets you build workouts in a matter of minutes. Once you've built a workout, save to your library and apply to other clients in the future.

Managing clients and tracking progress made simple

  • "I used to spend 2-3 hours every Sunday creating plans for my clients’ upcoming week. Now it takes me 10-15 minutes."

  • "My clients absolutely love the app. And the best part - no one forgets to bring their card anymore when we have a session!"

  • "I can’t believe that I was managing all of my clients on spreadsheets before. SmartFitness has cut my office time in half and no more excuses from my clients."

  • "I manage all of my clients remotely and I’d been searching for the right program to use. SmartFitness is hands down the fastest, most efficient platform out there!"


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